Historic Sites Worth Visiting In Boston MA

A Small Boat In A Body Of Water With A City In The Background
Charles River Esplanade

For beautiful views, sun and exercise, stroll down the Charles River Esplanade in Boston's Back Bay. Visitors can cycle, canoe and kayak for up to 17 miles. You can even go on a bicycle ride! Playground for children to explore. Visitors can also enjoy free summer concerts. Moving performances at the Hatch Shell The Hatch Shell also features the Boston Pops, an iconic free program which offers a Concert every July 4th.

Old State House Museum

The Old State House was built in 1713 and served as the British seat of power. It then became a meeting place for the crucial debates that led to the American Revolution. Visitors can now connect with our nation's roots via interactive, hands-on exhibits that are suitable for all ages. Learn about the Revolutionary history of Massachusetts, the Council Chamber in its original 18th-century form, the Boston Massacre and many other topics.

Old South Meeting House

Since the 18th century, The Old South Meeting House has been an active center for civic dialogue and free speech. The meeting house was originally built in 1729 by Puritan congregational churches. It later served as the organizing center for the Boston Tea Party in 1773. Old South has been a museum, historic site and education institution since 1877. It also serves as a center for public forums, performances, and other activities. NOTE: The Old South Meeting House is located on Boston’s historic Freedom Trail.

JFK Presidential Library & Museum

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum is dedicated to the 35th president's leadership, life and legacy. The library is located on a 10-acre park and features a large collection of historical materials that provide insight into President Kennedy's administration as well as the politics of his day.

Irish Heritage Trail

Did you know that Boston's largest ethnic group is the Irish, representing almost 16% of the total population? To learn more about the contributions of the Irish community, you can take a free walk on the Irish Heritage Trail. Visitors can visit 16 locations along the 3 mile trail.

Boston Public Library

Beautiful architecture makes the Boston Public Library a beautiful building. It houses more than 1.7million rare books and manuscripts, as well as an extensive art collection. The Boston Public Library is one of the country's five most important libraries due to its extensive collection. To learn more about the history and collection of the library, guests are invited to take a complimentary tour. This tour is available multiple times per day.

Historic Burial Grounds

Boston's 400-year-old history means that there are fascinating historical figures and graveyards all around the city. The Granary Burying Ground, for example, is home to many historical figures like John Hancock and Samuel Adams, Crispus Attucks, Robert Treat Paine, and Paul Revere. The burial grounds are more interesting than they look. Three active graveyards and 16 historic burial grounds in Boston MA are available for those who are interested in the macabre.

Boston Athenaeum

The Boston Athenaeum, one of the most respected and oldest independent libraries in the country, is also a cultural institution. The Athenaeum was founded in 1805 and now contains over half a million volumes. The institution also houses an impressive art gallery, sponsors concerts, lectures, community discussions, and sponsors exhibitions. In the reading room on the first floor, guests will also find the famous human skin book. The admission fee includes the memoirs of James Allen (aka George Walton), bound in his skin.

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