About Charlestown MA - Sights to See

A Boat Is Docked Next To A Large Body Of Water
Charlestown is an historic neighborhood on the waterfront with Irish-American roots. The Freedom Trail winds its way through this quaint maritime city's streets lined with brick townhouses. Triple-decker homes with clapboards surround Bunker Hill Monument, the site of a crucial Revolutionary War battle.

The 1797 U.S.S. Constitution warship sits on display at the Charlestown Navy Yard, which houses a maritime museum and its collection. Young professionals and families love Charlestown's Main Street area classic pubs and elegant restaurants.

Charlestown Navy Yard

The Boston Navy Yard was originally known as the Charlestown Navy Yard. It later became the Boston Naval Shipyard. This facility is one of the oldest in the United States Navy. It was created in 1801 by the U.S. Department of the Navy, which was founded in 1798.

US Constitution Museum

The USS Constitution Museum can be found in the Charlestown Navy Yard. It is part of Boston National Historical Park, Massachusetts, United States. Near the Freedom Trail's end, the museum is located near the USS Constitution. The museum is located in a renovated shipyard building at Pier 2. Through its interactive exhibits and collections, the museum tells the story about Constitution and the people who built and sailed her. The Samuel Eliot Morison Memorial Library is located in the museum. It also contains a vast archive of records related to Constitution's history. The USS Constitution Museum, a private non-profit organization, is separate from the naval vessel.

Bunker Hill Monument

The Bunker Hill Monument was erected on the site of the Battle of Bunker Hill, Boston, Massachusetts. This battle was one of the most important in the American Revolutionary War. The granite obelisk, measuring 221 feet, was built in Charlestown, Massachusetts between 1825-1843. Granite from Quincy was transported to the site via the Granite Railway. It is then reached by barge. The summit is reached via 294 steps. A statue of Dr. Joseph Warren, a fallen hero, is housed in an exhibit lodge that was built at the monument's base in the late 19th-century. Bunker Hill, one of the Freedom Trail sites, is part of Boston National Historical Park. In 2007, the monument was subject to a $3.7million renovation that included repairs, improvements for handicap accessibility, and lighting. The Bunker Hill Museum, which is located across the street, was dedicated to the battle in June 2007. The museum and monument are free to enter.

Boston National Historical Park

The Boston National Historical Park is a collection of historic sites that highlight Boston's involvement in the American Revolution. It was made a national park in October 1974. The Freedom Trail connects seven of the eight sites. It is a walking tour through downtown Boston. All eight properties are National Historic Landmarks. Five of the parks' sites are not owned or operated by the National Park Service. They operate under cooperative agreements that were established after the creation of the park. The Charlestown Navy Yard and Faneuil Hall are the two visitor centers that the park service manages.

Take the Ferry from Boston to Charlestown

The Boston to Charlestown Ferry runs between the Charlestown Navy Yard and Boston's Central Wharf. The ferry runs year round. Add a scenic Boston Harbor boat ride from Boston to Charlestown to your weekend getaway hotel stay at The Battery Wharf Hotel Boston Waterfront!