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Beantown's Brews


Here's some Beantown trivia for you. Where was the first coffeehouse in the United States? If you guessed Boston, you're absolutely right! Although the building is long since gone, the city has retained its tradition of community coffeehouses, a tradition that combines the warm aroma of roasted beans, mellow tunes, and caffeinated chatter. If you're looking for a morning jump start, a mid-morning pick me up, or an after dinner digestif, Battery Wharf recommends The Thinking Cup, which serves "Stumptown Coffee," known to coffee heads all over the world. Stumptown has been called "the best coffee in the world" by NPR, The New York Times, and Food and Wine Magazine. The Thinking Cup has three locations: Boston Commons, North End, and Back Bay. Visitors to the Wharf looking for the closest location should visit the Back Bay shop, on Newbury Street.