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Boston’s Sneaky Bodega


One of our favorite things about spending time in a vibrant cosmopolitan city like Boston is that we get to enjoy not only the larger-than-life major landmarks that overtly define the city, but also those hole-in-the-wall gems that you’d certainly miss if you didn’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Just a quick 15-minute drive from our hotel (and less than a block from the Church of Christian Science, one of those larger-than-life Boston landmarks), Bodega is tucked away on an unassuming side street that intersects with the heavily trafficked Massachusetts Avenue. From the outside, Bodega looks exactly as you’d expect: a non-descript NYC-style convenience store. To discover its hidden secret, you have to step on the loose tile in front of the Snapple machine. Then watch as the machine slides away to uncover a room filled with high-end sneakers that encompass a range of stylish aesthetics, from vintage, to contemporary American, to trendy international brands. Stop by for a unique shopping experience available only to those who are in-the-know.

Address: 6 Clearway Street, Boston