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Celebrate National Farmers Market Week

From their press release:  “Farmers markets are important outlets for agricultural producers nationwide, providing them with increased opportunities to meet consumer demand for a variety of fresh, affordable, healthful, and locally sourced products.”

Fresh.  Yup.  Affordable.  Who knew?  Healthful.  Perfect.  Locally sourced.  Even better!

The Battery Wharf hotel believes that just because you’re on travel doesn’t mean your nutritional and dietary desires can’t travel with you.  Therefore, we want to let you know about three downtown markets where you’ll find the same fresh and healthy produce you enjoy at home.

  1. Boston Public Market – a ten-minute walk from our hotel, located at 100 Hanover St.  
  1. Dewey Square Farmers Market – 15 minutes by car, or 20 minutes by public transportation, located at Atlantic Ave and Summer St.   
  1. South End Open Market – 12 minutes by car, or 30 minutes by public transportation, located at 375 Harrison Ave.  

Join the local community and stick to your diet at these great markets!