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Christmas at the Faneuil Marketplace


Here's some holiday trivia for you: where will you find the biggest, brightest Christmas tree on the east coast? A. Rockefeller Center B. The White House lawn C. Faneuil Hall Marketplace. If you picked C, you're correct. The Faneuil Marketplace is the home of a new Boston tradition. Blink!, in its fourth year, is a state of the art light and sound show. Over 350,000 LED lights transform Boston's skyline into an illuminating, shimmering holiday extravaganza. The seven-minute symphony of light begins at 4:30 PM every evening throughout the month of December. Shows run every half-hour making this a quick stop before or after dinner. The Faneuil Marketplace is conveniently less than one mile from the Battery Wharf Hotel so be sure to stop by this holiday season!