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Seasonal Bike Rental is Back at Boston’s Battery Wharf Hotel

Visitors from across the Atlantic often remark that Boston is the most European of all major American cities. One reason is that Boston, unlike New York or Chicago, is not a “planned” city. The streets, and squares, and neighborhoods emerged organically over the centuries to suit the needs of an ever-changing population. As a result, roads are not in a grid pattern, which makes wandering the city a real pleasure. To help you experience the charm of Boston’s many winding streets and lush green spaces, the Battery Wharf Hotel is reviving its bike rental program for the 2018 spring and summer seasons. Few things are more refreshing than an invigorating morning ride by the water, a sunny day spent cycling along the many intersecting paths of Boston Common, or leaving your worries behind as you explore the cobblestone streets and colonial architecture of the North End, Beacon Hill or one of the many historic Boston neighborhoods. Just let the front services team know how many bikes you’ll need, and get ready to take in the thrilling sights of New England’s premier city.