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Deep Water Wonderland


Question: Can you teach an octopus new tricks? Answer: The staff at the New England Aquarium are working on just that. For staff, it’s not just about feeding and water filtration. They kept their octopi – named Anna and Sy – mentally agile by placing crab meat in an a glass box that they have to learn how to open in order to retrieve their treat. They use different latches to keep Anna and Sy from getting too bored. In addition to Anna and Sy, the New England Aquarium also hosts trips to Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary where humpbacks, finbacks and pilot whales are sure to rock your boat. No sea legs? No problem. Check out the IMAX Theatre - 12,00 watts of digital sound on New England’s largest screen – now playing Galapagos 3D, Great White Shark 3D, and Humpback Wales 3D.