Top Valentine’s Day 2023 - Things to Do

A Man And A Woman Looking At A Piece Of Art
If love is a many-splendored thing, you must be in Boston, where you and your sweetheart are invited to enjoy a romantic one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day in this historic and walkable American city. We await your arrival!

A boutique waterfront accommodation, Battery Wharf Hotel is situated in the city’s iconic North End. Colonized by Europeans in the 1630s, this is the city's oldest residential community. Bordering Faneuil Hall, the Cradle of Liberty, and weighing in at only 0.36 square miles (0.93 km2), this tiny neighborhood boasts around one hundred establishments as well as a wide range of tourist attractions. Its small size makes it perfect for strolling with your sweetie.

Read on for some suggestions for a stellar excursion through this supremely historic district of a quintessentially American city.

For a 2-hour expedition on Boston Harbor with a three-course meal, live entertainment, and dancing, a Valentine’s Day Boston Premier Odyssey Dinner Cruise is what you need. After a breathtaking sunset, patrons will enjoy a view of the illuminated Boston skyline at night. The ship is wheelchair accessible. Dress code is formal.

In keeping with the walkability theme, we suggest the Boston: Revolutionary Story Walking Tour. The tour operator has arranged the tour “chronologically so you experience one sustained story the whole way.” This logical approach guarantees an understanding of the many seminal events leading up to American democracy.

Whether you have a taste for decadent desserts or a fine selection of martinis, one of the North End's hidden gems is Modern Pastry, along with their savory companion below: Modern Underground. Offering pub-style food, and good company, the Modern is located on Hanover Street in Boston’s North End. Preview your visit with a virtual tour.

On February 15 you can catch A Far Cry, Boston’s twist on orchestral chamber performances. According to their website, A Far Cry delivers a “unique model of collective leadership, bringing music to life in innovative ways. Sharing this experience of unconventional music-making is our way of inspiring the world to listen.”

For further cultural immersion, head to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Throughout the month of February the Gardner offers a variety of events in addition to viewing its collection of art, textiles, books and more from far-flung places like Europe, Asia, and the Islamic world. Travel through time and experience art from the ancient, medieval, renaissance, and modern periods. Spend a Thursday evening playing Spades and learning about the game’s influence on Black culture. Check out the Open Studio event on Saturdays. Learn more about Isabella Stewart Gardner’s travel albums on February 23 with a talk by art historians and the exhibition curator, who have spent their careers examining and cataloging her work. The Gardner is closed on Tuesdays.

Boston is many things beyond being obviously historical: it is a true melting pot. This is a city that’s simultaneously classy and upscale, scholarly, working class, and blue-collar. Students eat lunch as they sit shoulder to shoulder with guys in ties, grubby trade workers, and yoga moms with strollers. This is democracy and camaraderie, hallmarks of Boston. This is artisans, tradespeople, and everyday folks, all tossed together into a delectable melange for the senses and sensibilities. This is our Boston. 

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